Influence on the edge
From gold chains, to hidden veils

Willemstraat 27, 5611 HB Eindhoven
21 - 29 October 2017

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How far can you take a cultural heritage out of its context? Looking at Arabic culture and its traditional headwear, you can find a true sense of aesthetics and ornament that stands on its own, the moment you break free from any political consideration. It is an act of decontextualisation. What if you push these aesthetics into an analogue direction, playing with materials and connotations? Between fetish wear and Arabic traditions, Alhijab Almakhfi, translated as ‘hidden veil’, questions politics and appropriation in the process of realising an artwork. This installation by Tachisse de Beun and Clara Ormières invites you to come into the closet. Head accessories and photographies are here to trigger your judgment of an inappropriate design practice. Clara and Tachisse are graduating students from Design Academy Eindhoven, researching the condition of identities in our modern society through political, cultural and sartorial matters.